Sunday, September 4, 2011


I am starting to feel like we might have a little bit of a problem on our hands.  Sara Wells' first words when I get her out of bed are "shoe, shoe, shoe" as she looks around her room for her shoes.  She literally walks around the house looking for shoes to put on.  I thought I might chronicle her shoes of the day.  

First thing in the morning, dressed in cute bubble with cute bow and found Ella's Hello Kitty Shoes.
 The problem is the obsession does not stop with shoes.  Within 30 minutes, Sara Wells has on a new pair of shoes, a new dress (on top of first outfit) and new clip in her hair.  I did not assist in any outfit changes.  I know Sara Wells loves this dress so I am pretty sure she got it out of the clean laundry basket and put it on by herself and probably put her shoes on too.  I am guessing that Ella did her hair, but not 100% positive.  Sara Wells stayed this way for the majority of the morning while we went to the grocery store and then Ella's gymnastics (all the moms there love to see what SW will show up in).
 New shoes.  Had to show this picture so you could get a good look at the double outfit SW is sporting.
 Blue dress off, Dress-up on.
 Even when ready for bed, Sara Wells could not resist putting on a new pair of shoes.
She is also trying to put on a bracelet too!  This is our accessories loving girl!

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  1. KB did/does this same thing. I died to it early on and just decided it would be a phase in her life we would laugh about together one day. She went to Toddler time in jeans and a tutu skirt last year. Hilarious.