Monday, September 19, 2011

Coach Murray

Soccer has started back for the fall season.
I signed Ella up after soccer camp when she was thrilled about soccer.
Every day when I picked her up, Ella could not think of her favorite thing because it was all so fun.
So, it seemed natural that she would love to play on a team in the fall.
When the time came, Ella was not thrilled about playing.
She needed a little encouragement on the field from Murray.
Murray was happy to be there at practice and help when needed.
His helping turned into a little more than just help.
He is now Coach Murray.
Football Murray is coaching soccer!
All Murray knows about soccer he learned in 5 year old soccer.
 You should see the skills he has taught those kids!
Coach Murray (helped) lead the team to victory their first game.
 And he is loved by all his players!
 Go Bullets!

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