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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quickly Approaching

If you are like me, you really look forward to January.  Besides two birthdays (which I really do keep pretty low-key) January is a pretty laid back month for us.  This is always very nice after a crazy December.  We usually have a couple of weeks of total down time where nothing has started back up and then the last week or two of January things slowly pick back up.  But for those last two week I tend to stay in laid-back, slow-moving mode not realizing that things are zooming by!

And then all the sudden, BOOM!  It is February!  And I start frantically scrambling for the spring and most importantly Valentine's Day!  I do love Valentine's Day, I do wish it was a little bit further away from Christmas and Easter (the flood of candy kills me!), but I think it is a fun holiday.

I do wish I was super organized and on top of things and always prepared for every holiday and upcoming season.  But I am NOT!  Just about everything I get done is by scrambling at the last minute.

I actually did put up our Valentine's Wreath last night.
It always makes me happy!
full tutorial here

So, if you are like me, I thought I would make things a little bit easier for you...

I had the realization just the other night that February was quickly approaching and I had not thought about Valentine's gifts (especially for teachers!).

And then I realized, I have a newly stocked inventory of the cutest sandwich bagssnack bags and hair ties that are all about  L O V E !!!

The kids teachers will be getting either sandwich bags or hair ties.  That makes one part of Valentine's Day super easy!  And hopefully will give a big smile to all the recipients :)

So, go no further for your Valentine's needs!  Shop HERE.

But, even better than that...

I will make Valentine's Day even easier for two lucky readers...

I will be giving away two sets of bags of your choice (one sandwich bag and two snack bags).  

To enter, leave your favorite Valentine's memory in the comments section.
Also, leave the pattern of your choice.

Don't forget to leave your email address so I will have a way to contact you when you win.

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Friday.


  1. Hey Kim! Every Valentine's Day my Daddy would send me flowers to school. It was so fun getting called to the office to receive them. I would love to have a chance to win these bags. I love the "Monday" pattern. THanks! I need to purchase some hair ties as well. I'll be emailing you soon to do that. I'm gonna wait to see if I win these bags first :)

  2. Mine is simple... tradition of homemade cards (construction paper, stickers, etc) from my family every year! (have never ever won anything this way from anyone but worth a try right?.... Tuesday patterns.... Grace Houser)

  3. Holidays are way more fun now that I get to see them through the eyes of my kids. For the last four years (since Quinn was 2), I have done a scavenger hunt for the kids on Valentines. We leave clues and they go in and out of the house until they receive a small gift on the last stop. They love doing the hunt and will NEVER let me forget it. It has now become one of family traditions!

  4. Great idea Kim! I love your bags...Monday is my favorite.
    My best Valentine memory is making my homemade Valentine box, out of an old shoe box, and taking it to school for the Valentine Party each year. Your friends would leave their card for you in your box for you to take home and open. I LOVED making that box. I would embellish it with lots of lacy doilies and glitter and pink and red and white crepe paper all scrunched up into 3-D patterns. Wish I had kept one! That was a LONG time ago!

  5. email address for me....change to or!

  6. Hey Kim! My dad has and still does send me hot pink roses on Valentines Day. He thinks they are my favorite color and they actually aren't, but I don't have the heart to tell him! He's been doing this since I was 6 weeks old. I actually have a picture by my bed of him leaning over my crib with a rose in his hand. He has continued this tradition and this year will be 34 years in a row that I have gotten flowers from him. I love the bags, they are precious. I know two little boys that would love them!!