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Packing a Little Love in Your Lunch!!!

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Sandwich Bag:  $8

Snack Bag:  $7

Alabama / Auburn Snack Bags:  $8

Combination 1:  $20
           1 Sandwich Bag
           2 Snack Bags

Combination 2:  $25
           1 Sandwich Bag
           2 Snack Bags
           1 Set of Hair Ties
Combination 3: $27
           1 Sandwich Bag
           3 Snack Bags

Shipping and Handling:  
$3.00 for the first 3 bags.  
$0.50 for each additional multiple of 3.

Product Information:
Fold Over Sandwich Bags
Snack Bag Size: 7.25 x 4.5
Sandwich Bag Size: 7.25 x 6.5
Fabric is 100% Cotton
Lining is polyurethane coated nylon

The Bags are waterproof, stain proof and leak proof.  This product contains no BPA or PVC.

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These bags are easy for little fingers to open.  Even Sara Wells (2.5) loves to use her snack bags!

1.  Place thumbs in between the two flaps.
 2.  Flip the the top flap over fingers.
 3.  Open!
 The perfect Snack Bag!!!

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