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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine's Wreath

I stopped putting out any type of centerpieces on our dinning room table when Miller was about one.  They were just an invitation for the kids to climb on the table and break something.  Finally, I realized it was just not worth the frustration.  I gave up having centerpieces for a time.  Recently the kids have really gotten into decorations and keep reminding me that we need "decorations" on the table to make it look "beautiful."  They were so disappointed the day that we took our Christmas decorations down.  Then they were filled with excitement two weeks later as we started getting all the decorations for the birthday parties.  When I saw the gloom that covered their faces as I took down the party decorations, I remembered this wreath I had just seen on Tatertots and Jello.  So, I made their little faces bright again with the promise of Valentine decorations.  
This wreath was extremely easy to make!  I had an old twig wreath that I decided would work just as good as the suggested foam wreath.  Honestly, I really liked the way that it turned out with this wreath.  Then I got three packages of Valentine cupcake holders and some red and white ribbon.  

The best plan of attack is to work on sections at a time so that you do not have any big holes.  
I just bunched up the cupcake holder and put hot glue at the base.  Then stuck it in the wreath where I wanted it. 
Ella got very good and folding the cupcake holders.  Since she is too little to be using a hot glue gun, she was the official cupcake holder folder.  What is so great about this wreath is that you really cannot mess it up!  Ella had a blast.

After you have filled in the wreath, check for any holes and fill in.  I used all three packages of cupcake holders (150).
 I then glued the ribbon around the twig in the back.
The wreath probably took about 11/2 hours (would not take as long without a little helper, but also would not be nearly as much fun).  It makes me happy every time I pull into the driveway and see it on our front door.

Ella and Miller were not satisfied with just a wreath on the door.  So Thursday we went out searching for a few more fun things.  Ella and Miller loved garland hanging over the fireplace (not ours, because I did not get it this year, but in all the movies and books) so I thought they would get a kick out of having Valentine decorations hanging on the fireplace.
With 4 pieces of 1/4 yard fabrics you can make this, so easy!  I cut out different sized hearts and just glued them right on the twine.
 I had a few left over that we hung from the chandelier over the table.
Nothing fancy, actually a little tacky, but it brought smiles to the kids faces and we had fun together!  


  1. Smiles on their faces and lasting memories for all. You are a wonderful mother!

  2. Your wreath looks great- I notice it every time I drive by!

  3. too cute! my girls (particularly charlotte) are obsessed with decorating for every possible holiday. i saw the same sad faces when we put christmas away (particularly because our tree had been up since october, serving first as a "thankful tree"!). we started making glitter hearts last week, but we'll have to had this wreath to our door now too!

  4. Such a cute party....and the "hat" pictures were hysterical! So much family fun.....