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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Let me start off by saying that Miller has been talking about this birthday party since the day after his birthday party last year (his birthday party last year was the day Sara Wells came home from the hospital with our family).  Needless to say, there has been a lot of build up about this birthday party.  Initially Miller wanted a Cars birthday party, but since the first time that Miller saw Toy Story all he could talk about is his Toy Story Birthday Party.  As I started thinking about his party, I began to wonder what we would do.  Honestly I just wanted to go to I-Jump or something easy where you just show up and they take care of it.  However, Miller is a bit of an introvert and he would just take off by himself and not care about any of his friends who were there.  So, I had to get a little bit more creative.

After much thinking and toying with ideas, Murray and I finally came up with a plan...
The Evil Emperor Zurg captured Woody and his gang.  Miller and his friends had to rescue Woody and the gang.

When they first arrived, they decorated bags that they could collect things throughout the rescue mission.
Murray gathered all the kids and took them downstairs for their first mission.  Zurg captured Slinky the dog and entrapped Slinky in layers of his evil force field (aluminum foil).  The force field lost its power when the music stopped (just think hot potato with aluminum foil).
Next we were off to the garage where Zurg had partnered up with Stinky Pete and captured Woody.  The kids had to shoot down all the Stinky Pete's until they found the water bottle where Stinky Pete was holding Woody hostage.
 Next it was out to the driveway where the Army Men were trapped in sand as they were on their way to rescue Buzz and Woody.
 Then they had to find and rescue Buzz from Zurg's helium bubbles.
 And finally, they had the chance to defeat Zurg himself!  We opened the garage door and there was Zurg (pinata) hanging from the ceiling.
 When we got upstairs for pizza, all Miller wanted to do was eat his candy (of course).  He unwrapped all of his chocolate candy and ate most of it before I could stop him.
 The aftermath...
I am still in shock that the kids actually did everything.  I was fully prepared for full chaos.  But they not only played the games, they loved them!  Happy Birthday Miller!  We love you...To Infinity and Beyond!


  1. Such a cute party!! You are so creative! I love all of the games and miller and Ella loom too cute in their costumes! Happy birthday Miller!!