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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lately, it has been cold and the Lee Kids have been sick (mainly SW and Ella just a little) so we have been at home getting creative trying to find different things to do.  

One things we can always count on Ella and Miller loving is helping to cook.  They have gotten to be quite the little chefs (tonight at dinner, Ella smelled her food and said, "mmmm Mommy there is cinnamon in there."  Yes cinnamon has a very distinct smell, but I was super impressed that she picked it out on her own).  A couple of nights ago Ella and Miller helped us make ravioli.
 I love the excitement and joy in Ella's little face in this picture.
I don't know what took us so long, but we finally discovered how much fun it is to play in the garage.  This is the kid's new favorite thing to do.  And I love it because they are burning energy and I don't have to be freezing outside!
Even Sara Wells even gets in on the fun.  She can zoom around in her little walker and keep right up with Ella and Miller.

I think this is obvious to say, but the kids love all things Toy Story.  They act out scenes from Toy Story and they love indoctrinating Sara Wells on all things Toy Story (the other day I walked in the living room and they had her sitting down while they introduced her to all the characters).  But the cutest thing they do is bring things from the movie into real life.  For example, Ella talks about going to college all the time.  The other day on the way to school she said, "Mommy, I don't want to turn six because when I turn six I will have to go to college and leave you and I will be so sad to leave you."  As serious as I could I explained to Ella that she did not have to go to college until she was 18.  Another idea from the movie that they have included in their everyday conversation is the idea of putting things in the attic.  They get very concerned that I am going to put their toys in the attic.  However, when I talk about giving toys away, they get very concerned and want to put them in the attic.  It is pretty cute.  The other day Murray had to put something in the attic and thought the kids would get a big kick out of getting up in the attic.  Which they did, but what they (Miller in particular) loved even more is what Murray found.  Murray found his old football helmet.  Miller thought he was big stuff wearing his Daddy's helmet!
(his neck is not quite strong enough to hold up the helmet)
Although we have been home and inside a lot lately, we have found some fun ways to fill our time:)

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  1. Good for you! I know that Beth has been in the same boat....her two made a bridge out of rolls of paper towels she had bought at Costco and pretended to walk across it....gotta be creative!
    I am sewing a lot because when spring comes and the weather is nice I will want o be outside!