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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas in Snapshots

Since I am way behind in posting this and have way too many pictures, I am going to do Christmas in Snapshots...

(yes, Ella's pj's are a little small.  This is now the third year in a row she has worn them for Christmas) 

Woody Boots!
 My "own little computer"
 The guns are actually from last Christmas, but they go perfect with his Woody Boots!
 What would a Lee Christmas be without dress-up?
 Our attempt at getting a picture of all three kids.
 Murray was so proud, all three kids loved the Alabama Football players.
 We actually had a white (dusting) Christmas!  
Christmas Eve Ella came to me very concerned and said, "Mommy it can't be Christmas, there isn't any snow."  I tried to explain to her how in Alabama we do not get very much snow at all, and especially at Christmas time.  I could see her little mind churning trying to figure out why all the movies had snow at Christmas, be we did not.  So, when Ella looked outside Christmas day and saw snow flakes, she was thrilled!  It just made Christmas even more magical.
 After naps we headed over to EG and Papa's house (somehow we did managed to get everyone to take a nap).
All the cousins
 Of course Sara Wells loved the paper most of all.
 More dress up!
 The babies and their new Rides

As I am going through all these pictures, I am realizing how lopsided my pictures are!  Only of the kids and only of the presents.  While the kids did love opening their presents (they were done in about 10 min this year) and it is so fun watching their excitement, that was not the best part about our Christmas.  My best memory of this Christmas is a conversation with Ella and Miller driving to the Christmas Eve service.  I was running a little late, of course, so I am a little (ok a lot) frazzled because the pastor's wife is not supposed to be late!  After I take a few deep breaths pulling out of the driveway and remind myself the reason we are going to church, I regain my calm and begin asking Ella and Miller about Christmas and why we are going to church.

Mommy: Miller, do you know why we are going to church tonight?
Miller:  Because it is Jesus' birthday!  (Miller is very excited about birthdays right now)
Mommy:  Ella, why do we celebrate Jesus' birth?
Ella:  Mommy, because Jesus came and died so that we could be in heaven forever with God and see PawPaw!

What was so sweet about the conversation was that it was so matter of fact and even on the side of explaining to me why Christmas is so important.  Rushing out the door all I wanted to do was get to church on time.  The sweet conversation reminded me the reason for Going was not just to get there,  but to Worship our risen Lord who gave His life for me!  It is amazing how the Lord even uses my children to draw me closer to Himself.

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