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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Monday morning at 5:20 am my sweet grandmother went to be with the Lord.  As my cousin said, she left us so early in the morning because Granddaddy told her it was time to go fishing!  I can honestly say I have truly rejoiced with her as she has gone to be with the Lord.  Granny has been trapped in her body and has been ready to praise the Lord in heaven for some time.  
Murray and I drove down to Auburndale Wednesday and spent the evening and next morning with my family telling story after story about Granny.  I wish I could share them all with you.  I left Auburndale amazed at how many people Granny poured her life into.  Granny was possibly the hardest worker I know, getting to work at 5 or 6 in the morning, working all day, when her day at work was over she would go to my granddad's shoe shop and help him there until it was time to go home and get dinner ready.  Every night cooked dinner for her 3 boys and 2 adopted nieces (fixing dinner included 2 meats, 3 or 4 vegetables and always homemade biscuits).  Not only would she cook for them, but there was always friends from church joining the dinner table.  She had her boys in church every time the doors were open and always had a meal or hot chocolate and dessert waiting for all the kids from church.  She created a safe and welcoming place for them to always come.  She instilled the truths of the Lord in her children.  And not just in her family, if you sat down at her table, she made sure to share the importance having a personal faith in Jesus Christ.  Two things about Granny that I hope to always remember and is true of my life.  As hard as Granny worked, she never used that as an excuse to not serve her family and those in the community.  I know my tendency, after working all day often at two place, I would want to come home and not do anything else.  But Granny always poured her life into others.  She always sacrificed her time to love others well.  Also, as hard as Granny worked and as much as she juggled at home to keep everyone clothed, fed and to the right place at the right time, she made an extra effort to do special fun things with her boys.  My dad remembers special fishing trips with just the two of them.  I tend to get caught up in the cooking, cleaning, laundry, running here and there and forget how important it is to also have fun with my kids and let them know they are so special to me.  Granny always made a special effort for each of her children and grandchildren to know how special they were to her.

I will always miss Granny, but I know with confidence that I will see her one day in Heaven!


  1. What a sweet testimony....she has left quite a legacy! Praise the Lord for her.

  2. What a wonderful lady! I'm sorry for your loss, Kim, but thankful you have such warm memories of your sweet Granny.

  3. What a special lady..and such a sweet post.