Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Miller!

Miller turned THREE years old today!  Our big boy is growing up.  We started out the day with birthday pancakes.
Then headed to the Science Center (we should have gone to the park because it was absolutely beautiful today, but we told the kids last night we were going to the Science Center so there was no changing their minds!)
Winter Wonderland at the Science Center.  This is the only place these kids are going to get to place in 6 inches of snow...
 or ice (carpet) skate.
 Sara Wells had a great time watching all the winter festivities.
Here comes the cake...
Miller has been saving these candles for his birthday for a year!  He pulls them out about once a week and talks about his birthday party.
 It's a...
Alabama Football jersey!
These pants were true love on my part.  On one of Miller's many trips to Hancocks with me, he spotted this Toy Story fabric from across the store and begged me to make him some Toy Story pants.  So, 3 months later, I made the pants.  Needless to say, he was thrilled.  I am sure he will beg me to wear these everyday.

Happy Birthday Miller!  We love you!!!!!

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