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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tree Trimming

The night we get and decorate our Christmas Tree is one of my favorite nights of the year.  We woke the kids up a little early from nap time, headed to the Christmas tree lot to pick out the perfect tree, cheered in the Christmas season with egg nog, put the Little Bit to bed and then decorated the tree.  The best part about it was how much fun Ell and Miller had.  Ella remembered everything we did last year.  Miller missed out on the decorating the tree part last year because his almost two year old hands were just a little out of control to be handling ornaments.  But he caught right on!  They patiently waited while I put the lights on the tree (only an hour and a half this year. I know I take way too long and I always want to give up and just wrap the lights around the tree like most people, but the end result of going in and out of the branches is soooo beautiful!).  And then, they precisely hung each and every ornament.  I will admit, I designated myself as the official ornament distributor because I knew if I was helping to hang the ornaments my controlling nature would take over and I would have a hard time enjoying the moment wanting to get each ornament in that right spot.  So, I sat back and passed out the ornaments as my heart swelled watching the joy in my children's eyes.

Recognize these t-shirts?  These are the reason I took my sewing machine to the lake.  December crept up on me and I realized I had not made the girls' outfits!
 Can you tell how much fun Ella and Miller had picking out the tree?  These were the best pictures I could get.
 Ella and Miller loved their egg nog!  Miller literally drank his in about 2 seconds flat.
 And we have a new egg nog fan...


  1. What a wonderful tradition! Now explain exactly how you do those lights? Those of us who grew up with fake trees have to learn where we can :)

  2. So glad your sweet Momma was there to share this with you! Great pictures and a special memory!!! I am sewing the finishing touches on Thompson's Christmas snowman outfit and will send pictures asap.....

  3. so cute!!! what a great family tradition!!