Sunday, January 27, 2013

Irish Dancing

We entered into a new world this weekend.

If remember this post from early September, Ella started taking Irish Dancing.
Since September, there has been lots and lots and lots of Irish Dancing in the Lee House!
 And it was all leading up to this weekend.
 checking in for her first dance

We transitioned from just taking Irish Dancing lessons to competing in Irish Dancing.

Ella competed this weekend in her first Feis, pronounced "fesh" (Irish Dancing Competition).
 We were all so excited we could hardly wait for her first dance!
After the Opening Ceremonies
 the dancing began!
 Ella danced 3 individual dances and one dance with a partner.
We found out quickly that cameras and video cameras are not allowed, so this is it for pictures while dancing:(  I wish you could see her sweet, excited face while she was dancing!
 This is one of those days that I will remember forever.
Ella has worked so hard over the past couple of months to get ready for this day.
And then she did it!  She danced her little heart out with such grace and confidence!
Ella with her teacher, Ms. Chelsea

 We were all so proud of Ella!
 After the dancing you just have to wait and wait for the results to be posted.

Miller passed the time by trying out Ella's dance number.
 Sara Wells's sat enthralled, watching this older dancer getting her hair done.
After waiting 

and waiting

and waiting...
(really it was probably only about 30 minutes)

the results were finally posted...

A N D 

E L L A  W O N!!!
 She won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!
 We had one happy, happy little girl!
 What a fun weekend for everyone!!!

 There is no going back now,

I see many more Feis weekends in our future.

Oh, what fun we will have!

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  1. Great for Ella! It sounds like it was a great weekend! Good for her!!!