Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome Home!

I took a little unexpected Christmas Break from blogging.  We traveled to Knoxville for Christmas and then straight to the lake for New Years.  We had a wonderful week!!!!  Unfortunately I hardly took any pictures :(  With all of the fun with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, I just got so caught up and left the camera in the car most of the week.   I did not even get a picture of my family.  This was the first time in probably 6 years that all of my side of the family has been together and nobody got one picture!  

The best present of the year:
my Mom getting release on Christmas morning!!!!
We were all shocked when we walked in the door and it looked like my mom walked straight out of a catalog not out of a rehab facility!

Unfortunately Sara Wells and Miller were on the tail end of a cold, so Granna had to wear a mask the whole week.  Of course the kids thought it was so cool and loved wearing a mask like Granna.  I don't think my mom thought it was as cool as the kids did, but she was just so thrilled to be home the mask was ok.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Happy 2013!

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