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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Fun

I must apologize.  I have not been the best blogger lately.  I have entered into sewing season and on top of that, I decided to smock the girl's Easter dresses.  I do hope to be better, but for the next few weeks, I will be pretty busy and any free/blogging time will be spent smocking!  With that said, we have had a great weekend!  Friday morning our weekend started out with no plans.  Murray found out that Wellon and Stephen were planning on being in Birmingham heading out of town for the beach Saturday morning.  EG and Papa might be holding a little bit of a grudge against us, because Wellon, Stephen, Chloe and Fitz spent the night with us!  Murray and I loved it because we have not gotten that much concentrated time with Chloe and Fitz since last summer (when they were tiny and taking naps every thirty minutes).  And no surprise, Ella and Miller were thrilled about the impromptu spend the night party with their cousins. 
Friday night EG and Papa came over and we all had dinner together.  To say that EG loves chocolate is and understatement.  True test of a choc-aholic: you run over your brownies with your car and still eat them for dessert (in her defense, the aluminum foil did not even crack, and the brownies were very good!).

A couple of weeks ago I briefly mentioned that Ella is going to play soccer.  Sadly her first game was canceled because of the weather.   Well, yesterday our beautiful spring weather returned.  At the end of one of the streets in our neighbor is a huge new soccer/lacrose complex.  Since we moved in we have talked about how great it will be when we can take our kids there to run around and play.  With the return of beautiful weather, we thought today would be the perfect day to take the kids to the field and let Ella practice soccer since she has been so excited about playing.  The minute we told her we were leaving to go play soccer, she went into her bedroom and put on her entire soccer uniform (except the socks bc they are too big for me!  Hopefully Academy sells bright orange soccer socks).  Well, when Ella put on her soccer jersey, Miller was determined to put on his jersey too.  This is the outfit that Miller decided would be perfect for practicing soccer.  Cowboy Hat, Superman Cape, Spiderman Gloves and Heisman Trophy Winner Jersey.  Who wouldn't want all that superpower when playing sports?  Makes perfect sense to me:)
Ella in her uniform
Miller in his uniform
Even Sara Wells had a blast at the soccer field.  I love this picture because you can see her big belly poking out.  
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. We (meaning I) want to see EVERYTHING you sew. Seriously.

  2. You forgot to mention that Miller's outfit is complete with MANPRIS!!! Now that's some serious power!