Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sneak Peak

I have been sewing some, not nearly as much as I need to and definitely not the things I need to be sewing.  I really need to be making Miller shorts because he has been wearing his shorts from last summer and he looks like a fraternity boy with short shorts.  Anyways, here are a few fun things I have made.

This first outfit I actually made a few weeks ago before it got warm and I did not feel the urgency to sew for Miller.  I made this for Sara Well's best friend Baby B.  I have to admit it was very hard to give away.  I think this may be one of my favorite things I have made.  Hopefully I will get around to making one for Sara Wells (doubtful, but maybe).
I just made this outfit for Ella the other day.  I should have been doing something else, but I have been wanting to make this skirt since last summer and I found the perfect fabric on my most recent trip to Joann's.  The skirt is from the Oliver & S blog (if you don't know about Oliver & S patterns you must visit this site, the patterns are the sweet, simple and so cute!).  Here is the FREE pattern for the Lazy Days Skirt.  It is so easy!  Selvage to Selvage.  And so cute!  And since Ella's proclamation that she does not want to wear a plain white t-shirt, it has to have something on it, I knew I needed to make her a t-shirt to go with the skirt if I actually wanted her to wear the skirt.  I used the same ribbon that I used for the hem of the skirt to make the flowers and just gathered the ribbon just like you would gather fabric.


  1. I am so impressed with you and your work! Good for you! The t-shirt is adorable and I love the colors you used in the skirt....great idea!

  2. Baby B. adores her shirt and I remind her every time she wears it what a gift it was! THANK YOU!

  3. Leave it to me to ask questions :) Where do I learn how to do that neato "gather it and make something cute" skill? I'm serious- please email me. Also, did you just hand sew the stems?