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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


After waiting and waiting for all of Ella's hair to grow out and get the same length, I made the decision if we had another girl, I would cut her hair earlier so that it would not take sooo long to get it all the same length.  That decision was much easier to make than to carry out.  I don't know why the first hair cut is so hard, but it is.  Sara Wells has been sporting a nice mullet for some time now.  The day came where I finally carried out my decision.  Sara Wells loved it because it was her first sucker.  I barely cut any off, but I just wanted to start out the evening up process.
Look at the drool on that big ole belly!
The finished product:  I think she likes it:)
In other happenings, all the sudden it got COLD!  Sunday afternoon when we got home from church I just could not get warm.  Any time I get chilled to the bone, I can only think of hot chocolate.  I knew we did not have any hot chocolate mix in the pantry, but we did have cocoa!  We had a few friends over and I guess the cold brought everyone's inner child out.  I started out making one cup of hot chocolate and ended up making 9 cups!  I love this picture of Ella, she is amazed at how the cocoa instantly turned the milk into chocolate.  As you might guess, Ella loved making, passing out and drinking the hot chocolate!
I know I have said it before, the Lee children love TV!  I think they would watch tv all day long if I would let them.  I tend to take advantage of their tv obsession around meal times when I can take the whining no longer.  Sara Wells, however, has not yet discovered her love for television (she is a Lee, I know it is coming).  It would be especially helpful if she would at least watch Barney while I got dinner ready.  So tonight when I saw this I was thrilled!  And then I realized just how sweet this moment was.  Can you tell they are sisters?


  1. Look at those thumbs! I love that Ella has on the spiderman outfit....Sara Wells is a clone of Ella.....they are so adorable........Jane

  2. SO sweet. Love the thumbs. Also love Ella's salute to spiderman :)