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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teddy Bear Picnic, Yard Work and Soccer

Not a great post title, but that best sums up our last two days.  And a great two days they have been!  Yesterday was Miller's school program.  If you remember Miller's fall program, he sang as loud as he could/yelled all the songs (he was the only one yelling).  So, we did not know what to expect.  He has been very excited about his program.  He had to take his teddy bear to school a couple of weeks ago to practice with and I don't know if he was excited that we were coming to his program or that he finally got to bring Cooper home.  We held our breath as Miller started, wondering what Miller would do.  There was no yelling this time.  However he did keep us in stitches.  He started out so sweet, singing all the words and doing all the motions.
However, this is how he spent the majority of his performance, finger up his nose, digging away.  The digging (and flicking) did not hinder his singing though, he sang every word to every song.
 Here is how Sara Wells passed the time during the performance.
After the program we had our own picnic.  Miller was so excited to have Mommy and Daddy eat lunch with him at school and felt so proud that Ella came to his performance.
One thing that is true about the Lee Household is that there are always projects to be complete.  And the Lee kids are always ready to help!  Today is the first time Sara Wells helped in the project.  She was right there with Miller and Ella all morning (2 hours!).  The Lee kids love to help their Daddy work outside.  Today's project was to backfill the brick wall by the fire pit.  Miller, especially, loved digging with the big shovel just like Daddy.

And big news for Ella, today was her first Soccer game!  I was really afraid that it was going to get canceled because of the rain, but the rain held off until right after Ella's game.  Ella has been waiting for this day for weeks.
Here is Ella at her first team meeting.  She did great for her first time ever playing.  Murray had to remind me that I am not her coach as I was yelling out pointers from the sidelines.  We spent most of the time dying laughing.  Every now and then a star (always a boy) would emerge from the herd with the soccer ball and run down the field and score.  But most of the game was a big group of kids running up and down the field not really sure of what they were doing or why.  Looking back at my pictures, I did not capture the game very well.  Hopefully next week I will do better.  A mental picture I will always have is Ella running up the field looking at Murray and me with the biggest smile on her face.  She was so proud of herself and so happy to be playing.  As we were watching Ella play, we realized that we had entered into a new phase of life.  Our weekends are no longer our own, we will now be making our plans around game schedules.

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  1. Just so cute.....your kids are growing up too fast! They are Ella's orange soccer socks!