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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a Day

Well, today was a way more emotional day than I prepared myself for when I left the house this morning.  I started the morning out dropping off Miller in the carpool line for the first time.  I was not prepared to be emotional at all, but as Ella helped Miller get out of the car, put his school bag on his shoulder and walk him to the door, I definitely felt tears welling up.  Then I went to get bows for Sara Wells.  That definitely should not be emotional, but my little baby is growing up!  Then Murray and I had a kindergarten tour for Ella.  I was extremely close to crying three times today!  It took everything in me to hold back my tears (probably 4 times) in the meeting with the elementary school counselor.  

Since I can handle no more introspection of my babies growing up, I will share the sewing projects I have been working on.  National Sewing Month has inspired me to finally get back in the sewing room and I definitely feel like I am getting back in the groove.  For the first time since Sara Wells was born, I finally started smocking again!  Hopefully the girls will have a few matching bishops (that will probably be all they have to match).  I will post pictures of those as I finish.  

This week I have been working on t-shirts.  I saw this post on Lil Blue Blue of templates for robots.  I thought they were cute and tucked them away in the back of my mind for ideas for the fall.  A few weeks ago Miller and Ella started walking around the house saying, "I-am-a-robot.  I-am-a-robot" with motions like a robot.  I don't know where it came from but they think it is hilarious.  Remembering the robots I had seen, I asked them if they would like robot t-shirts.  They were thrilled.  Miller has not stopped asking about his robot t-shirt since I mentioned it.  
(Ella has really gotten into posing)
Robot Dance

Today I made this cute little cupcake t-shirt for Ella.  Honestly, I have been planning on making it all summer.    This spring Target had these really cute knit skirts that I knew Ella would love.  Of course she did because she loves anything knit, but I did not have a cute t-shirt to put with it.  Four months later I finally made her t-shirt to go with her favorite pink skirt.  


  1. What cute ideas! I love the robots....and especially the poses!! the way you made the girl robot feminine with her hair bow. The cupcake is too cute.....right now I am trying to smock a cupcake bishop for D and it has been in my sewing bag for 3 months! Oh well...there are my good intentions!
    I remember well these emotional days.....I believe that is what the Bible is referring to in the story of Christ's birth when it said that Mary "pondered these things in her heart"...she, like us, had a mother's heart and God understood that mothers "ponder" these emotional times, especially in our hearts!!! There is sure to be more "pondering" and we worship a God that truly understands us!
    ps.....I am shopping around for an embroidery machine....YEAH! I do not want these precious years of sewing to slip away without one........

  2. So cute Kim! I can't believe how big all the kids are getting! I cried the night before I took Clayton for MDO! It's hard to watch your babies grow up! It happens WAY TOO fast!