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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Easy Project!

I have been holding out on this post because I was really hoping by this point I would have a lot more sewing to share as I am fully embracing (at least in my mind) National Sewing Month.  My days seem to be going by so fast and there seems to be less and less time each day for me to sit down and do something (not just sew).  I had big hopes of at least one more t-shirt for Miller and a few pairs of pants.  But the reality is I have only gotten around to making 2 pairs of socks.  I am sharing this with you because when I found this tutorial months ago I was thrilled!  This is another one of those projects that I bought all the supplies months ago, but am just now getting around to it (that is why in this picture the socks look a little worn).  I love eyelet lace socks, but I am so cheap that it kills me to pay $8 for one pair of socks.  And every nice pair that I have bought her some how ends up lost (don't worry though we have every single pair of Wal-Mart socks!).  This is the reason I don't buy nice sunglasses either.  Anyways, that is way off the point.  When I found this on Fly Through Our Window I was thrilled!  I am here to tell you these socks are super easy!  Maybe 10 minutes a pair.  I would have made more, but of course I did not buy enough eyelet.
Tips: When sewing the eyelet to the socks, the zig-zag stitch does not need to be tight.  On my machine I set it on 2 (I use zero for button hole stitch).

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  1. YOu are SO RIGHT! These socks are adorable. Like you I feel like my life is filled with trying to find ways to make adorable grandchild things much cheaper....and it really is a fun pursuit. I will definitely try these....I am getting closer and closer to finding my new embroidery excited! I wrote you a lengthy email about my search for the machine but am having some trouble getting my gmail to send so I do not know if you got the mail....I have some great hair band and bow ideas that I hope to post this weekend on my blog....this is such fun! My love to you.........