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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just in the Nick of Time

Murray is leaving for Boston tomorrow morning and I have big plans to pass my time while he is away!  All my fabric is washed, my pants pattern is perfected and I have 3 nights to sew, sew, sew.  I won't quite make the deadline of National Sewing Month, but I will definitely be ending with a bang!  Of course, I have way too many projects lined up that I would love to finish.  My realistic goal is to finish all of Miller's pants.  Sadly, I just realized that got 1/4 yard too short of one of the cutest fabrics, but I think I have about 6 pairs of pants to make (3 lined).  An added bonus would be if I could make some t-shirts for him and get started on something for Sara Wells.  We will see.  I am going to try to make the most of every second that the kids are asleep!

Fabric ready to go!
I have not found a pants pattern that I love, so it usually takes a couple of tries to get my pattern perfected.  This time I took two pairs of pants that I liked the way parts of them fit Miller and made my pattern based off of that.  I had this Alabama fabric left over from Ella and Miller's Alabama outfits last year.  I thought it would be perfect to be my test run on since I did not really pay for it (at least not in this season's budget).  I discovered that my pattern needed a little tweaking, but the pants turned out pretty cute.  Miller, however, did not like them at all.  Actually he said he was scared of them.  Our neighbor down the street has an Alabama flag on their house and the elephant is not the happy Big Al that Miller loves, but the fighting elephant.  Miller thinks that the elephant on the flag looks "not nice."  He gets very stuck on things being 'not nice.'  He actually started screaming and crying when I tried to get him to try these pants on.  Murray is really going to have to work on that!  We are going to have to start teaching him that elephants say Roll Tide and maybe he will love his pants.

 If you remember this post, in the spring I had a little trouble getting the pocket the right size.  On two or three pairs of Miller's shorts, he could barely get his hands in.  You will be glad to know I got it right on the first try!
 Pattern perfected on this pair!  I am ready to go.  Hopefully I will have some good progress to report by the end of the weekend.

Just for smiles... This is how Miller and Ella dressed themselves the other day to go to the store.  We got a lot of laughs and "I remember those days."  
 And I just love this picture!  Look at how Sara Wells is looking at Ella.  It does not get any sweeter than that!  They both love each other!!!

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  1. You go girl! I am so proud of you....get that machine going and sew away! My mom used to tell me that I sewed with a red-hot needle and burning thread....and she was right! I am too lazy to put the pockets into my pants....yours look great. I am still on the hunt for my machine but closing in on exciting for me! I love the elephant could sell plenty of those! Happy love to you........