Monday, September 27, 2010


Let me tell you a story about Murray's sister.  Thanksgiving weekend 2 years ago, Stephen (Wellon's husband) decided that he would try to paint.  Being a good wife and tapping into her "artistic" nature, Wellon decided to try her hand at painting too.  It turned out that Stephen was terrible and Wellon discovered that she had some pretty incredible natural ability (sorry Stephen, I never saw proof but I did hear that Wellon used your canvas to add "depth" to her next painting).  Since that weekend Wellon has become a true artist!  Her artwork is amazing.  Looking at any of her paintings, it is so hard to believe that she has only been painting for two years.  Wellon has an incredible way weaving the gospel into every painting.   These paintings were Murray's birthday present last year. What a present!
Wellon's reputation as an artist has started to grow and she has gotten some really neat commissions.  This is her most recent commission.  Riverwood Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa just built a new building and commissioned these paintings.  I cannot even begin to guess how big they are, they just look huge!  This picture was taken this past Sunday at the dedication to the new building.  You can see more of her artwork at Wellon Art .  Oh and by the way, she did these paintings with 4 month old twins!!!