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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joining the Ranks

One thing that is true about the Lee Children is that they love to watch TV.   Miller loves to watch TV so much that he will sit in front of the TV and just wait for the television to be turned on (he will sit for 20 or 30 minutes just waiting).  I really do try to limit how much they watch, but sometimes it is just necessary, like when I am cooking or taking a shower.  Usually I try to take a shower while Sara Wells is asleep, but Sunday afternoon I had to take a quick shower before we headed out for our small group.  I had no other choice than to put a movie on to put keep Sara Wells occupied.  It was her first Baby Einstein movie experience and she loved it (of course, she is a Lee).  More than she loved watching the movie, she loved that she could pull herself up on the bench and assume the TV watching position with her brother and sister.  (Yes, her hair is a little out of control.  One day she is not going to be very happy with me for this picture.  She really needs a bow, I just am having to prepare myself emotionally for that.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go and get her a few.  Putting the bow in is such a huge step!  We all know that I love bows, Ella's are huge and I love it!  But putting that bow in is just one more way that she is growing faster than I am ready for.)
Sara Wells is proving that she is a Lee in her love for TV and in her love for the kitchen.  It is probably that this is just the perfect height for her to pull herself up, but I like to think she loves standing here because she is developing an early love for cooking :)
I love this picture because you can see the drool dripping off her chin.  Does it get any cuter?


  1. at 6:46 in the morning that picture of your three watching TV made me laugh out loud......Ella reacting to something on the screen, Miller all decked out in his costume and Sara Wells thrilled to be sharing this experience with the older two....this was the story of my life with three! I love your blog......just sweet cute everyday things that put a smile on my face! Jane B.

  2. Love it. Sarah Ann and thomas are the same way. I can't believe how sw is getting around these days! What a big girl. Oh, and I love miller in his costume! He is just too cute!