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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Memory Lane

Does this house look familiar to anyone?  Murray and I took a trip down memory lane this weekend.  We left Thursday afternoon for St. Louis.  This was my first time to be back in St. Louis since we moved almost 5 years ago.  Our first stop after we landed was our first house.  I cannot believe that it has been five years since we lived here.  It is always sad to see your old house not loved and taken care of.  It was very weird to see someone else's furniture in the yard and not be able to pull down into our driveway.  However, I cannot imagine living in this house with 3 kids!  It was so fun driving through our old neighborhood reminiscing of all the wonderful times we had there.  St. Louis will always hold a special place in our heart.  
Murray had a meeting at the seminary, but for me the weekend was pretty much an eat-fest (and I did get in a trip to H&M).  We tried to go to all of our favorite restaurants.  We even had time to squeeze in a new fantastic restaurant.  Our good friends John and Elizabeth introduced us to The Crossing.  For those of you in St. Louis or those who may be traveling there, it is in downtown Clayton (one of my favorite place in STL).  It is sooo good!  The Chef's name is Jimmy and he serves the Lord through his cooking!  The only place that we did not get to go that I really wanted to go was Ted Drew's.  It is almost a cardinal sin to go to St. Louis and not go to Ted Drew's.  Ted Drew's is the home of Frozen Custard, a huge midwest tradition.  It will be our first stop on our next trip!

Murray and I did not leave until Thursday, but my mom came Monday evening so that she could learn the ins and outs of carpool.  She did not get in to Birmingham until the kids had gone to bed Monday evening.  When the kids woke up (very early) Tuesday morning ready for Camp Granna.  My mom brought several different things for Camp Granna over the weekend, but she failed to hid all the stuff.  So, they did the majority of Camp Granna Tuesday morning.
 You can tell how early they got started by how tired Miller's eyes look.  Just in case you were looking for another art project to do with your kids, Magic Mold (i think that is what it is called) is very cool!  Each kit comes with the specific colors of modeling clay to make a certain animal.  Then it has this tool that makes dots out of the clay.  It is pretty much mess free and you end up with a really cute animal. The clay is so easy to work with, I am actually thinking of getting it to use the clay to make Christmas presents.  The possibilities are limitless!  Miller made a frog and Ella made a puppy dog.  Although they were very easy to make, they did not last.  Miller did not quite get that you had to wait to let the clay harden before he could play with his frog.  He destroyed his frog, then Ella's dog.
As we all know, Miller is obsessed with anything related to Toy Story.  Murray's mom got Ella and Miller a Mr. and Mrs. Potato head at the lake at the beginning of the summer and they played with them for about 2 minutes and that was it.  Well, now that Miller has seen Toy Story, he thinks Mr. Potato Head is the coolest.  The last time my mom was here she took Miller to the toy store and out of the entire toy store, he picked out Mr. Potato Head.  He now loves his Mr. Potato Head (I don't because the pieces end up everywhere!).  The other night he came running out of his room dressed up like Mr. Potato Head.  I thought it was pretty hilarious!

 This picture is for Murray.  We hope the rest of the games are no where near as close!

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