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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paid to Exercise?

Ella had Boosterthon (fundraiser for school) last week.
Instead of selling things (that most people really don't want) throughout the year to raise money for the school, they get sponsors to run laps.  

So basically, we pay our kids to exercise:)
I wish someone would pay me to excise!
 This was our first experience with Boosterthon.  As you can tell by Ella's awe as she 
walked through the tunnel, Boosterthon does a great job!!!  They spent a week and a half getting the kids excited about raising money for their school by running around the track.
 And the kids were excited!!!

After the National Anthem
 and a warm up lap
 the kids were off!
 Only slowing down to get each lap marked off.
 They ran and ran with different themes about every other lap.
Believe it or not, they even had a Riverdance lap!  As excited as Ella was about Riverdance, 
I could not convince her to do her actual dancing.
 Murray ran a lap with Ella early on during the "race."
 I think the parents had just as much fun as the kids dancing to all the music.
Here is Murray getting all the first graders excited.
 I ran the second to last lap with Ella.  Friday was much hotter than expected, so I thought by the end Ella would be tired and I would not have to exert too much energy and not get soooo sweaty.
 Ha!  Boy was I wrong!  Ella saw me join her and took off!
 I consider myself to be pretty in shape (I try exercise almost every day),
so I thought this would be no big deal.  
 I had to Run Run and maneuver through the other First Graders just to catch up with Ella.
 By the end of the lap I just barely caught Ella, and let me tell you there was no grace!  I was really wishing I had decided to wear running clothes instead of the "cute" outfit I chose for the day.  I went straight from Boosterthon to my hair appointment smelling nice and sweaty!
 Murray and I were so proud of Ella!  The lap cap was 35 and Ella ran almost the whole time 
(even while drinking her water:) )
 She finished her 35 laps and then some that did not get counted.  
Now the track was very small and this was a very attainable goal, but they ran for about 45 minutes.
For a Lee Kid to run 45 minutes in the HEAT without complaining and be happy is a 
 Not only were we proud of Ella's,
She was so proud of her hard work!
Here the girls are with their war paint to prove all they had accomplished!

Way to go Ella!

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