Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alabama Football

So, we took Ella and Miller to the Alabama Game last weekend.  

The kids get to go to the game if 1. Murray's parents are not going and 2. it is a no big deal game that we do not mind leaving as early as the end of the 1st quarter.  The past two years that has meant a Thursday night game.  Which the kids have loved, but they miss out on the tail gate part of the football experience.

Not this week!  Murray's Aunt and Uncle know how to tail gate! 

Multiple TV's.
More food than you can imagine.
Which of course includes lots of desserts!  And juice boxes!
Friends dropping in.
Fun times with cousins.
That football that just "had to be bought!"
But most importantly for the boys, some pre-game prep.
After "waiting..."
and waiting" according to the kids,
we all headed to the game.
Even though we barely made it to half-time,
(and it took ice cream and frozen lemonade to make it that long!)
we all had a great time!!!

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