Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Big Day in the Lee House!
Miller started his last year of preschool and Sara Wells started her first.
 When I tried to get his "first day picture," Miller would have nothing to do with it.
 This action shot was the best I got.
 And then, "monkey-see-monkey-do."
 At least Sara Wells was so excited about school she could not keep herself from smiling.
Now that she has her own "pack-pack" she knows she is big stuff!
Miller has waited so patiently these past two and a half weeks for school to start.
Every day he has asked me if tomorrow is the day that he starts school.
And every day that I have told him no, he has been sad but not complained one time.
 Today was a bit of a different story.
He started singing in his bed this morning about 5:45.
At about 8:00 he started to get very worried he was going to be late.
He almost could not pull himself together when he found out we were dropping Sara Wells off first because he was afraid he was going to miss something.
 "Hurry Sara Wells, this way."

Miller was very patient as Sara Wells met her new teachers.
Our baby girl does not look like such a baby girl standing there next to her cubby.
 Once we got to Miller's new classroom, the excitement turned into a little bit of nervousness.
 Looking around the room Miller did not see any of his friends.
 However, it took all of about 2 minutes for Miller to feel right at home in his new class.
I don't know what those magnet blocks are, but Miller talked about them all afternoon.

 To celebrate the start of school for Miller and Sara Wells, we let them choose 
what we would have for dinner the night before.
 Gotta love Pintrest!
(finished product)

Miller and Murray wore their Angry Birds t-shirts to celebrate the dinner.
And then for dessert, we had these yummy "ice cream" sandwiches (more on these later).
 I think all 3 kids agree, Miller and Sara Wells had a great back-to-school dinner!

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