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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good-Bye Sweet House

I promise, this will be the last post about the house.

But I just could not tell you that the house was being torn down and then not show you the pictures.

Get ready though, these are sad:(

The giant claw begins its work...

In a matter of seconds, the front half of the was gone

and then loaded onto a dump truck (actually multiple trucks that the kids and I passed as we were driving to see the house one last time before it was all gone.  They could not quite get the concept that our house was in a truck).

And then more destruction.
I am going to be honest.  I did not think I would be that emotional since we knew from the beginning that the house was going to have to come down.  But driving up to the house I had major tears well up!

And then the next day we pulled up and there was nothing left
 not even the foundation!
 Murray took this picture from our driveway using iphone's new panorama.  Pretty cool.

Here is a video of the beginning of the destruction. I was not there, but Murray said it was very hard to watch.
Definitely makes you realize things in this world do not last.


  1. Oh, Kim. That is so sad. I'm sorry. Is the plan to rebuild right away?

  2. Glad this is behind you, my friend.

  3. Many sweet memories for me in this house and in the rentals also. Now, on to your new home...don't forget the mother-in-law suite!

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  5. Natalie, I wish the house coming down meant we were about to rebuild. We are still just waiting. It just had to come down per city ordinances.

  6. We will all celebrate the wonderful times had in that great house and look forward to the times ahead! It is the people that make each memory worth cherishing:)

  7. So sorry, Kim. Hope this means that progress and happy plans are just around the bend.

  8. So sad! And unbelievable how little time that takes.. Glad we got to spend some time there with you and have some memories in it.