Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School Treats

Miller started his second week of school today.
To say he loves school (so far) is an understatement!  
He LOVES school!

I always loved the start of school, brand new pencils, paper, the perfect trapper-keeper that held all my color coordinating folders, new crisp notebooks, new shoes...

Things are a little different now, we pay a supply fee and the teachers get all the supplies that are needed for the year.  Part of me is sad for the kids that they miss out on the joys of picking out all of their own brand new school supplies.  But the "mom of three" in me loves that I do not have to stand in the school supply aisle of Wal-Mart for hours while Ella and Miller meticulously pick out just the right things and then change their minds 42 times before they get the just right notebook, folder and art box.

Part of what makes the first day/week of school for the kids are all the new fun things 
the teachers have waiting for them when they get there.

So, to make the start of school just as fun for the teachers, the kids wanted to make these.
It does not get much better than these!
At some point we all snuck into the dining room to steal a few chips.
Sara Wells was just the only one who got caught in the act!

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