Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Might Be a Red-Neck if...

You cook your chicken casserole one a grill.

Let me explain...

We have had a busy summer,


jumping here

and there,

decorating each other

and loving it,

enjoying great food,

getting soaked in water relays...

But somewhere along the way our oven broke.  And because the oven in this house is soooo old, they cannot find the part.  The oven is still not fixed.  With all the coming and going, playing and jumping, our family just needed some good ole' comfort food.  And the number one comfort food for our family is Ritz Cracker Chicken.  Crazy, I know.  With all the good food that is produced in our kitchen, there is still nothing that says comfort like Ritz Cracker chicken.  And since our oven is out, that meant cooking Ritz Cracker Chicken on the grill!

There were no complaints at the Lee House!  

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