Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday Night Fun

I don't know how you spend your Friday nights, but here in Alabama we go all out!  We loaded the kids up in the Pick-Em-Up, "Ran for the Border"

and had a Taco Picnic at the farm.  

(Yes, we really went to Taco Bell!  The chicken soft tacos are actually not that unhealthy as far fast food goes!  Much better than eating chicken nuggets.  And the kids love it.  And it is super cheap!)
The purpose for our trip to the farm was to "pick blueberries."

Unfortunately someone had just been there and there were hardly any ripe blueberries.  Most of the blueberries were green.
However, it was the perfect opportunity to play with the newest toy.   A brand new, bright green John Deere Tractor!
 Old Tractor
New Tractor
Whether or not Murray knew that the blueberries had just been picked,
It was very important that we go out to the farm and move the ashes around on the burning pile.
And take care of the dead trees.
Nobody wants to have dead trees on their property.  They can be very dangerous!  (We know about the danger of trees!)
After everyone had their turn riding the new tractor and helping Daddy take care of some serious work,  we searched through the rows of corn to see if there were any last few ears of corn that missed the major picking.
We came away with a lot more than we were expecting!

These next two pictures are just for fun.  I brought my potentially new lens to the farm with me just to play around with it a little more.  I took these two pictures from the same spot!  What would have really been telling is if I would have put my lens on the camera and taken the same pictures.  I think I have made my mind up.  Now I just have to bite the bullet and order it!

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