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Thursday, July 5, 2012


I need some advice.
For some time (over a year), I have really been contemplating getting a new camera lens.  
I have been talking to Murray about it for awhile.
 All it took for both of us to get totally on board was looking back at the pictures 
from the rope swing.  I want to see that face!  It is settled, I need a camera that zooms in 
WAY more and also can get a wider angle than my current lens.
 Last summer I used a friend's Nikon 18mm-200mm lens and I loved it!  
The only problem is I have a Canon and Canon does not have that same lens.
 I know generally what I am looking for.  I want a lens that will be my primary lens.  As terrible as it is, I often carry my camera in my purse because that is the only way I am going to get pictures all the time.  
 So, I need a lens that is not huge, but that will still really zoom in and 
get the kids when I cannot get close to them.
I found a lens that I think meets my needs.
One of my friends uses this lens as her primary lens and let me borrow it for a couple 
of days to see how I like it before I make the big purchase.
 I think I want the Sigma 18-200mm lens (obviously I have a little bit of work to get to focus correct).
Miller was a pretty good sport to let me snap a few pictures of him.
 But everyone has their breaking point!
 I am going to play around with the lens over the next few days, 
but I thought I would see if you have any advice.
 What lens do you use?
What do you like and dislike about it?
 When Sara Wells heard I was taking pictures, she came running!
 Murray was about as happy as Miller to have his picture taken over and over.
 When I came in to take a picture of our movie picnic, 
Miller had just had enough!
But I will say there is no way my lens would have gotten all three kids 
in the frame while I was standing 3 feet from them!

The things I really like about this lens are:
  • it is not huge, I could easy carry it with me all the time
  • love how much it zooms in and out
Things that make me hesitant:
  • it is much heavier than my old lens (yes I know this makes sense, bigger lens is going to be heavier, but something to really think about if I am going to be carrying it around all the time)
  • I have read in some reviews that it can not let as much light in, which I can kind of tell in just the few indoor pictures I took tonight.
I am no professional photographer, nor will I ever be.  I just want to get better pictures of the kids.

Any Advice???


  1. Hey Kim! I have the canon 18-200 and love it. Do you use it on auto (green mode) or manual? It doesn't get a lot of light inside if you are doing manual stuff, aperture only goes down to 3.5, but for candids with a flash you are good. For whT you are describing that is your lens, and runs about $600. Check it out on It is much heavier bu it gets in close. The other options are much more expensive. Let me know if you have any other questions about it. If you want a creative lens, that is not expensive and does blurry background etc... Go with the 50mm, for use when you wantto play around and I think it is about $150. Lauren Grigsby weathers

  2. When I got that lens, I was taking a photography class and the way the teacher described that lens is that it is the perfect lens to put on your camera and never take off, if you are not interested In getting more into creative, professional photography. It is great for school and church programs, sports, close in shots at home. I think you will love it. You are welcome to come and see the size and weight of it and try it out. I have recommended to a few people and they have all been very pleased. It is the perfect lens for moms with kids!

  3. Lauren, Thank you so much! I have been told over and over about the 50mm. I think I would love it, but right now I really just need that lens that I never have to take off.