Sunday, July 22, 2012

Iowa - Part 2

It is hard to imagine that it gets any better than slip 'n slides and water parks,
but the fun just did not end there.
We spent one,
hot afternoon
at the Lee County Fair.
If you think you have bad hair days, just think of this poor chick.
It was our first experience at a County Fair.
(Jamaican concert?  Who knows why they had a Jamaican concert in the 
middle of Iowa, but the kids loved it!)
Then they learned about all the agriculture in the state of Iowa
and enjoyed the much need refreshment of cold chocolate milk!
And then the rides.
The only ride I did not hold my breath on until their feet were securely on the 
ground was the horse drawn carriage
which we rode around the dirt race track!
However I think I liked it more than the kids.
We were so busy, we did not get to spend much time exploring the farm.
But we did get to have a little fun on the tractor
(although Ella was disappointed that it did not go faster)
and the 4-wheeler.
And then this EVERY night!  
We attempted to get a good picture of the cousins,
but this was the best we could come up with.
Then we loaded up our dirty, gravel road car
and headed back to our good friends, the Hoffman's for an evening swim with their grandkids
and of course more nutella and sprinkles pancakes.
Only a grandmother could come up with such a treat!

As you can tell, we had a GREAT trip!

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