Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dinner Tonight

I don't know what you had for dinner tonight, 
but we had one of our favorites,
I have shared this recipe before, but it has been awhile.
And it is soooo good, I just wanted to remind you about it.
It is the perfect summer dish because it is so yummy, so easy and soooo fast!

That is if you do not forget you are out of olive oil (sinful I know!) and have to go to the grocery store after you have already started the pasta water.  But we won't go there!

It is always a very big deal when all three kids are excited about dinner!

We also had another very special treat tonight with dinner.

Grilled Okra  

Oh my, it is soooo good.  
And so easy (are you catching a theme here).

At least that is what Murray tells me, he is The Griller here.
 Our okra just started producing.  I have been coaxing these plants like they were my babies.
And now they are here and are going to have more okra than we know what to do with for the next several months!

I don't know if I have told you how much I love grilled okra.  
I love grilled okra!
And now we can have it every day if we want to.

Added bonus, the kids love it too!

How do you fix it?

Toss okra in olive oil, salt and pepper.
Put on the grill in grill pan for about 10 minutes or until it looks like this.
 We would be lost without our grill pan.  
You can get your own for about $15 at Bed Bath and Beyond.
Go get one and enjoy one of my favorite dishes of the summer!

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