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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa's Lap

Murray's parents have started the tradition of kicking off the Christmas season by taking us all to lunch with Santa Claus.  This is one of the kids' favorite things.  I usually cannot tell them about it until we are leaving church because they would never be able to contain themselves all the way through church.  This year I left the kids at home with EG (only a few weeks left before Miller can enter the world again and go to school, sunday school or any place with lots of kids and lots of germs) while I went to church.  So, EG got to deal with the bouncing off the walls kids for two hours.  

When she pulled up, The Baker kids were eager awaiting Ella and Miller's arrival.
We immediately went in and got in line to have our picture made with Santa.  I did not have high hopes for Sara Wells.  1.  At her age, Ella and Miller were both terrified of Santa.  2.  Sara Wells is terrified of any character.  She shakes violently for 5 minutes after the Chick-fil-a cow leaves.

Sara Wells was happy to stand in line with EG and Chloe,
Until she realized what she was standing in line for.  The minute she saw Santa, Murray had to take her very far away from Santa.  If you look closely at the picture you can see the death grip that she has on Murray's jacket.
Being the kind, loving and compassionate mother that I am, I told Murray, "she will be fine, we are going to try to get this picture.  So we sent the big kids up there first.  They were even a little unsure of getting too close and they LOVE Santa.
Next we positioned Chloe and Fitz.  They were not too happy, but we got them on Santa's lap.
 When everyone else was ready, Murray brought up Sara Wells.
The Santa photographer could not snap fast enough and did not get a picture, so this is the "grandkids with Santa" picture for this year.
And this is the Lee Kid's picture.
My favorite things is that through the whole thing Ella keeps smiling for any picture that might be taken!  Sara Wells may not be in this year's Santa picture, but no one will EVER forget that she was there!  She is still talking about it.  While shaking her head "no", she says over and over, "Santa's lap.  No sit Santa's lap."

Hopefully Santa will not hold it against her this year.

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  1. Oh my goodness Kim! I laughed out loud at this post....we have all been there! You must save that picture for Sara Wells to look at years from now!!! Merry Christmas!