Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Painting with Aunt Wellon

In my Thanksgiving post I mentioned that Ella had a little paining time.  It was a little more than just your average kindergarten painting time.  

Murray's mom's new favorite store is the thrift store at the lake.  I will say, it may be mine too.  I found a Mini Boden sweater for Miller for $3 that looks brand new and she has found him 3 Mini Boden t-shirts for $1 each!  It does not get much better than that!  I also found some cool lamps for our bedroom that just need a new coat of paint, but that really has nothing to do with this post.  Back to the point...

Em's most recent purchase was this paining.
It looks a little bit like the 80's exploded on the canvas (actually it is wood).  But she saw potential and new that Wellon could work her magic and turn this into a beautiful work of art.
For this painting project, Wellon had a helper, a very excited little helper!
As the sun started going down, they put their finishing touches on the painting.  Let it dry over night.
And then signed their names the next morning.  Ella practiced and practiced to get the perfect "e" to sign next to Aunt Wellon's "w".
And then the painting was complete!

Just a recap...

They turned this
into this.
 And here it is in it's new home.
I wish I would have taken another picture.  Murray and Stephen took down the quilts on either side of the painting.  The white walls next to the painting really make the painting stand out.

If you want to see more of Wellon's art, click here.  And, when you buy a painting from Wellon, you are not just buying a painting, you are helping them bring home their boys from Congo.  Wellon and Stephen are in the process of adopting twin boys from Congo.  All of the proceeds of Wellon's paintings go to the adoptions of their boys.  

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  1. Thanks for posting, Kim! Painting with Ella was definitely one of my greatest highlights as an aunt! I see an artistic future ahead of her:)