Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday

Miller has been counting down the days to his Transformer Birthday Party.  (In case you are wondering where the idea of all these countdown chains came from, Ella made an advent countdown chain at school.  Earlier this week at dinner Miller said he wanted a chain for his birthday, and then that led into the chain for Disney World.)
Miller was so lucky to have two Birthday Parties in One Day

Party One:

Miller talks about his birthday all year long, planning what the theme will be, who will be there, where it will be, the games that we will play and always pointing out presents that he would like to have in the stores.  The Transformer theme has been chosen for some time, although I have no clue how he even found out about transformers!  The location of the birthday party was only recently decided upon.  Miller has been talking about all the friends he wanted to come to his party, but when he decided he wanted to have his birthday party at the Boulder Field, we told him he could only have a few friends (there is no way I could handle the stress of having lots of hyper little four year old boys running around the boulders!) 

Climbing outweighed friends!
Before the climbing started, Miller explained to his friends the importance of using chalk and made sure everyone used some of his new chalk.
 Then the climbing began...
 Miller could not have been happier.
 Even Sara Wells had a blast!
 All the party goers
 After climbing we headed back to the parking lot
 for birthday cake!

Party Two:

All of The Lee Family came over to keep the birthday celebration going.

Happy Birthday Miller!
How are you already 4 years old?
 You make our life Full!
 We love you!!!

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  1. Happy birthday, kiddo! What a cute party for a kid with such adventurous personality! Love it!