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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No More Tonsils

Ella had her tonsils out bright and early yesterday morning.  The first question people always ask is if she was sick all the time.  Surprisingly she was not.  They were just huge!  And gross!  I actually have a picture that Ella wanted me to take so that she could see how big and gross they were.  I will spare you that image though.  Just imagine huge tonsils that look like those gross kids balls that when you squeeze the insides ooze out.  Terrible mental image I know, but that is how bad they were!

As we talked about the surgery, we were never dishonest with Ella, we just never really told her that it could hurt when she woke up from the surgery.  So, she had no anxiety about what was about to happen to her.  
Yesterday morning I tiptoed into Ella's room at the very last minute to try to sneak her out without waking Miller.  Before I even got to Ella, Miller popped up and said, "where are you going?"  I whispered that I was taking Ella to have her surgery.  I whispered because Ella often does not do well if she is woken up.  But she popped up and said, "I am just having my tonsils taken out.  It is not like I am  going to have any stitches."
At that point, I started to feel a little nervous for Ella and sad for how bad she was going to feel after her surgery.  But she never showed any signs of fear.
 She walked back to her surgery like a champ.
As soon as Ella went back I headed across the street to get breakfast for Murray and me.  I think out of sympathy for Ella neither one of us at breakfast and we were STARVING.  I came back with a nice and healthy McDonald's breakfast (I will say their peppermint mocha is pretty good).  After we finished breakfast we only had to wait about 30 more minutes for Ella to come back to us.

I will say, when they wheeled our sweet little Ella back into our room my eyes filled with tears.  She seemed so little and so pitiful.  But she was so brave!   She never complained, just wanted to lay for a little while in the dark.
After about an hour and 5 or 6 good drinks of apple juice, Ella felt like she was ready to go home.
We spent the day watching movies.  I think the TV might have been off for about 30 minutes yesterday.
Ella really perked up when we looked outside and saw that one of her sweet friends had put balloons on our mailbox.  For the rest of the day, Ella did great.  She would have her lows and feel a little puny, but overall you really could not even tell she had just had her tonsils cut out of her throat!  All day long I could not believe how great she was doing.  I prepared myself for today being a lot worse.
Murray took Miller early this morning to have allergy testing, so just the girls got to hang out this morning.  Ella woke up feeling "not the greatest" and just wanted to sit, cuddle up, be cozy and watch TV.  We did that the best we could with Sara Wells hopping in and out of our laps until Miller got home.
At that point I was prepared for Ella to have a pretty rough day.  But it did not happen.  She did great all day!  So far, this has been way easier than I thought it would be (although I am prepared that it still could get bad).  The hardest part of the whole ordeal has been dealing with this crazy two year old while trying to take care of Ella.  

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