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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Granna

My mom came in town today to keep the kids while we are in Ireland (more on that later).  Since we knew she was coming soon, we held off sending birthday gifts until she was here so we could Celebrate her Birthday with her.  The kids could not wait for Granna to arrive so that we could have her birthday celebration and they could give her the presents they made and, of course, eat her chocolate birthday cake!  Somehow we managed to hold them off until after dinner.  I was shocked they did not tell her what her presents were!  
First off Granna opened her card with drawings from all the kids.  Miller is describing to Granna his flying dinosaur that he drew for her.    
Granna first received a new Ruffly Scarf and new vest (an adaptation of the Billy Cardi that has been on my side bar forever.  Side note, you should try this!  It is so easy and sooo cute!).  Anticipation built as Granna reached the bottom of the gift bag.  What could be down there that the kids were so excited about?  The kids made Granna...
made with things that would remind her of them.  What did Miller choose?
A ROACH!  It was hilarious making this soap I will say.  We watched a roach die for a day so that we could capture it and put it in our soap.  Watching to roach slowly die might have been Miller's favorite part.  I thought my mom would have a totally different reaction, throwing it down, "ewe, ewe, ewe."  But she loved it!  Did not think it was gross at all, just reminded her of her sweet little Miller.
Ella had a great time explaining to Granna exactly what went into the soap making process.  
Sara Wells was fascinated with all the flowers stuck in the soap.  
Can you tell by this picture that the birthday celebrations lasted a little past bedtime.  Sara Wells looks like she is about to fall asleep right there.  Overall, the soap was a huge hit!!!  Granna will now have soap to remind her of her grandkids for at least a year!  Happy Birthday Granna.  We love you!

After partying wrapped up Murray headed to the bedroom to pack up for our trip.  He found a few stowaways in his suitcase.
Even Sara Wells wanted to make the trip with us.
Don't be fooled though, this is not the suitcase Murray will take on our trip.  One little fact you may not know about Murray is that everything is a competition (I am sure this comes from years and years of football, and just being a guy).  The person who Murray is competing with probably has no clue that they have entered into competition with Murray and he never says anything afterward, it is just his own internal competition (chopping vegetables, folding laundry, stuffing envelopes, quickest way home...).  This has most recently manifested itself in packing.  It is now Murray's mission to always carry-on, no matter how long the trip or how far away.  He most recently carried-on for a 10 day trip to China.  But it is no longer enough for just Murray to carry-on, the real challenge is if his wife can carry-on too.  He has been talking about this all summer.  I gave him no promises.  I gave him my word that I would try, but I was not going to leave anything crucial behind just for HIS goal (which means not leaving any shoes behind).   One big motivation for me was that I did get a really cute new overnight bag that will be my "personal bag"  I packed last night and drum roll please... I will be carrying on!  Now, I do technically have two carry-ons, but I will be checking no luggage for a 2 week trip to Ireland.  This might be the proudest Murray has been of me.  

Sadly, while I am there I will not be able to post.  So, you can expect a very long post with lots of pictures.  I am actually going to take my camera this year.  Murray and I are going a few days before the rest of our team to spend time with the missionaries there and the pastor and his wife.  We will be traveling around the coast of Ireland with them visiting the towns where they hope to plant churches in the next few years.  I know it will kill me not to share pictures every day.  However, my blog is not going to be empty for the next two weeks.  I actually have a few fun recipes and tutorials lined up.  So, check in for some good eats and fun things to do with your kids!

Be back in two weeks!  Hope yall enjoy your last few weeks of summer!!!

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