Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Days of Summer

Since Ella still has not started school, I have been trying to do things with the kids that we will not be able to do once Ella starts going to school every day (crazy!).  Today we packed a picnic lunch and headed to Tuscaloosa to spend the morning with Chloe and Fitz (and of course Aunt Wellon).  And what a fun day we had!  It is so fun now that they are older and Sara Wells is older and they can all actually play together.  

Ella bee-lined straight to Chloe the minute we arrived.
I know that Ella is still a little young, but she is an awesome babysitter!
No child is getting into trouble with her around.
Getting 5 children to look and smile is no easy task.  Especially when the older ones 
think it is funny to watch Mommy and Aunt Wellon make fools of themselves
 Ella to the rescue.
Not one baby got away.
By the time we left the park, Chloe and Fitz were covered in dirt (these were early pictures)
 "Aunt Kim, will you please stop taking my picture!"
 And the little princess stayed did not let a spec of dirt grace her face!
(I felt horrible letting my 20 month old play in the 90 degree heat with polyester dress-up on, but if you would have seen the scene in the car when I tried to take it off, you would have agreed with me that the best option was to leave on the dress-up!!!)

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