Sunday, August 14, 2011


Just as I was trying to think of something that the kids could make for Granna for her birthday, I saw instructions on how to make soap.  The directions looked surprisingly easy and very manageable, even  with 3 small kids.  And believe it or not, it was actually just as easy as the directions made it look.
What you need:  
Soap block (Michael's)
Microwave safe bowl
Molds (I bought a few and then dug through my recycle bin.  
My favorites were actually from the yogurt cup)
Scents (I used citrus and vanilla.  They are in the same isle as the soap)
Pretty things to "float" in your soap

Ella and Miller each came up with what they wanted to put in their soap.  Ella decided on pretty flowers from around our yard to remind Granna of us at our house.  Miller decide a roach and his dinosaur would be perfect for reminding Granna of him.
Melt 4 oz of soap per bar.  I would suggest only doing one bar at a time.  

Put in microwave for 40 sec.  Stir.  Then microwave at 10 second intervals, stirring in between, until soap is completely melted.  

Add a scent (you may need a few more drops than you think, it is not quite as strong once the soap hardens).   

Pour the melted soap in mold.  

Put your choice objects in the soap (have to work kind of fast, soap starts to solidify faster than you would think).  

I wish we would have added some color to the soap, but when your work environment is this
you do the least amount of steps to accomplish the end goal!  Next time we will add color to our soap and wait until SW is taking a nap:)  Although she did have fun watching the flowers change colors and seeing mom very delicately deal with the roach with out gaging.

Miller's Soap
Ella's Soap
Very well received gift!

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