Saturday, July 30, 2011

Soccer Game

Soccer Camp ended with a kids vs. coaches game.  This was the first time during the week that I have seen Ella play because they had a large group time first thing in the morning and small group time right before pick up where they did not play.  I was anxious to see if soccer camp had boosted Ella's confidence.  

I definitely could tell a difference as the game started.  Wherever the ball 
was, Ella was there too (Ella is in the green tank top). 
Still a little timid, but right in the action.
Then the crowd started moving towards the goal
and Ella was right there with them.
 And the she SCORED!!!  
It was awesome!
I wish I could have captured her smile on camera, but 
I was too busy celebrating to remember to take a picture.

In other news....  As I said earlier, we recently made a trip to the library.  Here is my stack of light reading that I picked up.
I have not mentioned much about what is going on with our house because not much has been going on with our house.  We have just been waiting, waiting, waiting....  Then this past week the City Inspector came and said that per our engineer reports, he wants all the finishes removed (sheet rock, floors, ceilings) to see the full extent of the damage.  We have been waiting and waiting and now it seems we are about to have to start making decisions.  I spent the last couple of days thumbing through these books tying to get ideas.  Only one book had anything that was slightly promising.  Right now it all seems a little overwhelming.  I am taking any suggestions for websites, books or magazines with good home plans and ideas.

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  1. Since doing our reno, I've come across a few inspiring blogs/websites for home design, particularly kitchens, of course.