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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Beach

I am back!  We finally have the internet!  We are almost all the way settled in to our new house.  I just have to get the play room and sewing room/guest bedroom in order and then I will be done.  I should be doing that now, but I needed a break and I have missed being here!  As promised, I have pictures from the beach...

We have not been to the beach in two years with the kids.  Murray's grandparents have a beach house which we love and you would think we would definitely go every year, but between having babies and sick kids (we have had to cancel one or two trips at the last minute), we have not been to Pop and Dewey's since before Miller was born.  It was soooo good to be back!  You can literally feel pressure drop with each step that you take up to the front porch.
(view from the Beach)
For the entire month before we left there was not a day that went by that the kids did not ask when we were going to the beach.  You could feel their anticipation building the closer we got to the beach.  So when we arrived around 8:00 that night there was no way were were not hitting the beach.  To say they loved it would be an understatement!
 (they are literally rolling in the sand)
We had lots of fun building sand castles
Looking for seashells
Playing on the beach
 Barely making it through meals we were so tired
 Eating rotel 
(look how tire SW is!)
 Watching storms roll in
 Riding the waves 
(which were huge!  I have never been at the gulf 
with such big waves for so long)
 Swimming at the pool
 Swimming at the pool
 And swimming at the pool!
If you ask Miller what his favorite thing he did at the beach he will say fishing with Daddy.  Which is very sweet, but funny since the whole event lasted about 5 minutes and was nothing like Murray had imagined his first time fishing in the gulf with his son would be.

Like I said the waves were pretty big the entire week.  The day Murray 
chose to fish seemed to be the calmest day.  So they headed out...
 First big wave, "hold my hand Miller, we can make it through these."
 "Um Daddy, those are really big waves"
 "It's ok Miller, I've got you."
 "Much better plan..."
Surprisingly, Miller did not get deterred by the big waves.  He was on a mission to go fishing with Daddy.  Once he got on Murray's back he loved it!  Unfortunately their fishing adventure was short lived  because the seaweed was so bad that Murray could not cast the line because it was so heavy from the seaweed.

Ella and Sara Wells stood just like this the entire fishing 
adventure a little nervous for their brother's safety.
 Good bye "Dew Pop Inn"
Thank you for a wonderful vacation and wonderful family memories!
 (This picture is courtesy of Ella as proof that I was actually on this vacation)
 Good bye beach, we will see you next year!

Up next, 4th of July...


  1. 1. WHERE did you get that pink and white stripe suit that Ella had on in the early pictures?
    2. Could your kids be ANY cuter????