Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July

We headed straight to the lake from the beach to celebrate 4th of July.  I know, we were really toughing it, but somebody has got to do it:)  (Don't be too jealous though, the day we got back we moved for our second time this summer.)  The kids are always ready to celebrate something, especially if there are decorations.
We had our second annual shrimp and oyster fry.  I guess it is official that we have started a new tradition of a deep fried night.  Stephen is our master Fry Daddy.  If it was on the table it got fried, shrimp, oysters, peppers, onions, lemons, the paper towels even looked like they had been fried, but that was just all the grease from everything else.  We felt terrible the next morning, but it was sooooo worth it!  
This trip to the lake for Sara Wells was a little different from her first.  She is no longer afraid of the water, at all.  The waves were so big from all the boat traffic that several waves splashed up and over her face and she loved every minute of it.
While her cousins still tolerate it, Ella takes care of them every opportunity she has.  I was actually proud of Ella, she completely changed Chloe, even the bloomers.  Chloe is a squirmer, but that did not deter Ella.
I love this picture.  Sara Wells just stood and watched the whole interaction so glad that finally it was not her!
 Happy 4th of July! 
(just a few weeks late)

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