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Monday, July 25, 2011

Boxes and Birds

Who knew two simple things could be so much fun?  Boxes and Birds...

Going through my camera tonight, I found a few pictures from moving.  

What is a move without sliding on boxes?  
I did a terrible job here capturing the moment, Miller is 
totally airborne screaming "yahoo"!
 SW even had a few turns, but they were to quick to capture.

We ate several meals like this.
Probably a few too many, but for some reason the kitchen 
table was the hardest to clear off.

Our new obsession:
Murray broke down and got an IPad early this spring.  We made it some time without the kids knowing what it was or that they could have their own games on it.  But that did not last long.  I am sure one day we were just trying to keep the peace and broke down and showed them a game.  Well, since then there has been no going back.  Miller loves Murray's IPad.  The first thing he asks to do in the morning and the first thing he asks when Murray gets home from work is to play a game on Murray's IPad.  Every few days Murray and Miller will search for a new game (always the free ones).  Two days ago Murray put Angry Birds on the IPad.  I know we are living under a rock, it is the number one game right now, but we had never played it before.  Now we know why it is the number one game.  It is awesome!  Murray and I have even had a few competitions after the kids have gone to bed.  Today Murray came home with a funny grin on his face and told Miller to check out the new Angry Birds.  He actually bought the real version!  For most people this is probably not a big deal, but I cannot remember Murray ever playing a game on the computer.  This game is FUN and very addictive!  It has definitely bought a little bit of competition into the family.
Even Sara Wells has gotten into it.  (She has no clothes on in this picture because this is exactly how she was when she got up from her nap.  Somehow she had taken all her clothes off!  At least she left her diaper on.)

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  1. Jackson loves the iPad too. He says "I need a iPad people!" He loves watching "movies" dump trucks fire trucks mater elmo etc.