Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Night Fun

The Lee Family went bowling tonight!
I think this is the first time we have been bowling just as a family.  
And boy did we have a good time!
Life gets busy and schedules get full of good things.  In the midst of everything it is easy to 
forget how important it is to just have fun together as a family.

I told Miller and Sara Wells our plan for the afternoon when I picked them up from school this afternoon.  I promise, every 4 minutes Miller asked if it was time to go bowling yet.  When Murray came home from work Miller went straight upstairs to put on his "bowling clothes."  I was busy down in my sewing room getting ready to make more snack bags when Miller changed clothes.  So, I did not get to see his outfit until after his first good bowl.
After that, his "bowling power" could not longer be contained!
All night Miller kept referring to his "bowling powers."
In between bowls, Miller practiced his bowling swing
and follow thru.
Which eventually paid off because Miller ended the night with a Strike!
This was Sara Wells first time to bowl.  She started out with lots of help.
But by the end of the game, Sara Wells had it on her own
and was very proud of herself for her big accomplishment.

Sara Wells did not have a clue that it was very unusual for your bowling ball 
to take a full 2 minutes to make it down the bowling lane.
I definitely see more bowling in the future for the Lee Family!
 In the midst of your crazy schedules, make sure that you intentionally plan fun things with your family.
 As enticing as it is after a long week to put your pj's on early and just be home, letting the kids run around the house while you unwind, don't forget how important it is to be intentional with your children!  The time goes fast!  Take time to have fun with your family!!! 

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