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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Whew!  What a weekend!!!  It has been nonstop here since early Friday morning.

I first and most importantly want to thank you all for all of your support at the Holiday Bazaar!!!!
Most importantly, I had sooo much fun!  But, I did sell quite a few sandwich and snack bags and hair ties.  I left that afternoon feeling very, very encouraged!
I definitely see more sandwich and snack bags in my future:)
The biggest surprise of the day was one of my good friends (and co-workers/seminary wives) who now lives in Mobile sent one of her friends who just moved to Birmingham to the show to buy some bags!!!  Kate, you are the best!  I miss you!  I am so happy to know that my little bags are making their way to Mobile to be used by a good friend every day!
Thank You Thank You Thank You 
for all of your support!!! 

I do not have a lot of inventory left, which is a great problem to have!  So within the next couple of days (hopefully not as long as a week) I should be ready to take orders!!!!

After the show, there was no time to "savor the moment" and take in the fact that I really had just sold all those bags I made.  We loaded up Miller and Sara Wells and headed straight to the Homecoming Parade.
All of the kids got out of school an hour early to get ready for the parade.
Of course the kids did not really know what was going on or why their was a parade, but as soon as Ella saw the dancers
 and Miller saw the football team,
they were mesmerized!  
And the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever that our good friend Cassie was actually in the parade!  I know it will only be a blink of the eye before that will be Ella up there in that float!
After dropping the kids off at Murray's parents for cousin night and Disney on Ice, we headed over to Club 56 (the 5th and 6th grade group at Cahaba Park) for the World's Largest S'more.
Yes, they are using a blow torch on those marshmallows!  It was very, very cool.  If Murray and I were not about to go on a date;), I would have eaten at least 2 or 3, and then felt very terrible, but loved every bite.  I just cannot resist a roasted marshmallow!  Thank goodness Murray pulled me away before  the flames died out.

 Saturday morning was Ella's last soccer game for the season.
They have had a very fun season.  It has been especially fun for Ella because her great friend Lucy has been on her team.  I see many more of these pictures in our future.
But we all know as fun as the season was, all the new skills learned, goals scored, goals stopped, breakaways down the field... the best part about soccer is always the snack and the trophy!

Whew, I am tired just trying to recount all that went on this weekend and I did not even include all three kids to the dentist, a surprise birthday party and the most intense and nerve wracking Alabama game ever!

We definitely could not handle a weekend like this one every weekend, but every once in awhile it is fun!  

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