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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Snapshots from Ireland

The night that Murray and I arrived in Greystones was the kick off of their 
Americana Roots Music Festival.  To kick off the event we launched paper lanterns over the harbor.

It was one of the coolest things we have done!
Here I am letting a lantern go with the Mayor of Greystones and 
don't have a clue who the other girl is.
Murray and Gwen (pastor's wife at Greystones Presbyterian) lighting their lantern
 Murray and I arrived a day earlier than the rest of the team to spend some time with Gwen and Monty (pastor at Greystones Presbyterian).  Because of our extra time Gwen and Monty took us on a little hike up a mountain we had always seen off in the distance.
 From the top of The Sugar Loaf
 Looking down at Greystones
 This picture should be an advertisement for Crocs new flats.
All the other hike/walks we have taken in Ireland have been relatively easy.  Since it was a rainy day, I thought I would wear my crocs instead of getting my new tennis shoes muddy.
It did not take me long to realize tennis shoes might have been a better choice.
But I will say the crocs did a pretty good job.
Luke was the youngest member of our team.  He was so excited about being in Ireland and seeing the Irish Sea.  We convince him to go put his feet in the sea.  Turns out that is a terrible idea if you have athlete's foot!  Good thing he is such a trooper!  As soon as he wiped his feet in the grass, there was no more complaining.
 Sunday morning Murray got to preach part of the sermon that was 
broadcast on Irish National Radio.  
 We started off Monday morning with a bang!  I think we had about 120 kids in total (100 in the morning, 4-10 year old, and 20 in the afternoon, 11-14 year olds).
Only about 10-15 of the kids were actually members of Greystones Presbyterian, 
the rest were all from the community.

Somehow, I got roped into leading music.  
Thank goodness there was no microphone!
I learned you have to be in pretty good shape to sing and dance!
 This year we were able to split up the kids for recreation, which was so a huge help!
The first game played with the older kids was the game we have all played where the kids link arms and then a selected few try to pull them apart.
Everyone had fun.  At lunch we found out Ireland has very strict child protection laws and adult leaders are actually not allowed to touch the children!  Thank goodness there were only a few minor scrapes!  And the kids loved it!
We ate some great food!
 This was our fourth year to do the VBS at Greystones.  Sasha has been coming since she was 1!  Sasha tagged along with her dad and brother and sister the first two years and last year participated in a group for the first time.  Sasha's dad became a believer our first year there.  He is now one of the leaders in the church.  One of the neatest things of this trip is to go back year after year and see how lives and families are being transformed through the work of the gospel.
 We learned how seriously Europeans take recycling.
 My group of wee little ones.
It took ALL week, but they finally got the A,B,C's
Admit that you are a sinner.
Believe that Jesus is God's Son and died for your sins.
Confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
 Here we are before heading to the train station to leave.  6 of the teenagers in picture group have come to the VBS the last three years and this year helped out as leaders for the younger kids' VBS.  It is an amazing privilege to watch God raise up a generation of new young leaders.


  1. I am still in awe as to how you carry only one piece of luggage to do all of this! Share your secret.....did you have a washing machine???!!!!!

  2. The lady who runs our b&b did a load for us when we arrived from italy. but other than that we washed in our sink. it was really just exercise clothes that needed to be washed. you can fit more into a carry on than you think!