Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh Ravello!

Murray and I spent 5 days in the most beautiful, picturesque Italian village 5 km above the Amalfi Coast to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  
Every morning we woke to this
and we ended every day to this.
If anyone is looking for the ideal Italian vacation spot, the village of Ravello is the spot!

From our village we strolled down the mountain
and over 1,000 steps
to the quaint sea-side village of Atrani (these steps were not the only way down, or up, bus was the most common form of transportation which was an experience all of its own).
From below, this is the very edge of Ravello.  Just amazing!
Even the figs
and squash grow bigger!  How in the world they get so big I don't know, it must just be the "perfect" environment!
This is literally how we got from one town to the next, winding up and through stairwells, twisting through the tiny corridors of the village.
 And then enjoyed views like this...
and lunches like this.
 Our favorite day of the trip was the day we rented a boat for the day (Italian man in the tight pink shirt did not stay with us for the day, just wanted to make sure Murray could in fact drive a boat).
We swam in the Mediterranean.
 Lunched in Positano.
And had gelato in Capri.
Ridiculous I know!  But 10 years is a big deal!  And we made a big deal out of it!  A trip we will remember forever.

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