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Thursday, August 30, 2012


If you live in Birmingham (or close) I have a friend that you need to meet!

Let me introduce you to one of my good friends Jessica.

(sorry Jessica, I took this picture from your website without telling you,
but I figured if it was already on the Web, you would not mind if I included it here)

Jessica has to be one of the kindest people in the whole world!
She is one of those people that just exudes love!

Not only is Jessica the sweetest, kindest person I know, she is also one 
of the best photographers I know!

Jessica is the owner/photographer of Jessica Wright Photography.

Jessica has taken all of the portraits of our kids since we have known her.  
I will start out by saying I am not one of those mom's who has portraits taken every six months.   Honestly, I don't know what I would do with all of those pictures!  So, when we do have pictures made, it is a pretty big deal.  Up to this point, we have had pictures made when a child turns 6 months and two.  This spring was time for our "2 year old" (just a few months late) pictures for Sara Wells.
I had no doubt that Jessica would be able to capture Sara Wells's 
2 year old/independent/3rd child personality.

When we got the pictures back, I could not believe just how perfectly she captured Sara Wells.

"I am not going to smile."
"Humph...I will not do it."
"Did you say cupcake?"
"Nice try, but it did not work."
You want me to smile...
Why didn't you just say so???
Not only did Jessica capture their individual personalities perfectly,
She also perfectly captured their love for each other.
I think this is one of those pictures that will stay etched into my memory forever!

But this photo shoot was a little different the others.

Jessica knows how much the Lee Kids love to dress up and thought it would be really fun to just "capture" them as they played. 

So as soon as I was satisfied with the amount of "nice" pictures we had taken,
we pulled out the Dress-Up Box.
Turns out Jessica had a great idea!
The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever
to have their dress-up clothes at the farm.
And I am still blown away every time I look at these pictures!
I still have not ordered any 
because I just cannot choose.
I never thought I would want a portrait of Spiderman on my wall,
But, I really think I do!

As you can tell, I had a very difficult time even narrowing down the pictures just to share with you.
And believe it or not, I did not even share all of my favorites?

Click here to visit Jessica's website where you can find all of her contact info.

You also need to sign up for her newsletters on her blog.  She has been having the greatest events at night like, "How to use your camera."  Of course I have not been able to go to anything yet, but I definitely plan on it.

I know this is such a tease for those of you who do not live in Birmingham.  So sorry about that.  But I have been/still am so excited about these pictures I just had to share them with you!

I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend!!!


  1. Thank you for the sweet words- I LOVED your session. I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to get bad photos of those sweet faces.

  2. These are great!! The superhero ones are my fav :)