Sunday, August 26, 2012


Our oven is broken (has been broken since right after the 4th of July).  It really is amazing how many times I have chopped up vegetables to put in the oven or bought ingredients for a meal at the grocery store only to realize when I got home that I could not bake the dish in the oven. 

So, we have been doing some improvising around here, like pizza on the grill (and a casserole or two).
 Although it is not how I would have planned to cook a pizza (or casserole)
it does not seem to bother the kids.

 If only I was as flexible as these little kiddos and up for an "adventure" at any moment!
We have learned a lot from our kids over this past year.
Most importantly, we have learned what really matters.  It is not whether your appliances work, whether they are even "your" appliances, where you live or the things you have.  What matters is that we are together, living life where we are striving to glorify the Lord, giving him all the glory for the blessings that he gives us every day!

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